Justice, Rights and Poverty


The history of the past century taught us that individual initiative, free enterprise, and fair competition are the best guarantors of wealth-creation. However, markets alone cannot promote growth unless the state creates conditions for stability and harmony, and ensures creation of public goods and the necessary infrastructure.  Infrastructure at least is talked about, but harmony is ignored.

Parliament and Supreme Court Must Act

dir="ltr">The recent sting operation in Gujarat by Zee TV network exposing corruption in subordinate judiciary has come not a day too soon. For long many knew of corruption in the most hallowed of our institutions, the judiciary, and many more suspected. Chief Justice Bharuchha had the courage to talk about it openly during his tenure. But nothing much was done about it. And many concerned citizens maintained a discreet silence for fear of undermining the credibility and independence of the one organ of state which is the sentinel of our liberties.

Time to Improve the Judiciary ‘Script’

The year 2004 started with a magistrate in Ahmedabad issuing warrants against the President of India and Chief Justice of India - for a price of only 40,000 rupees.  The entire nation saw the videotapes.  Then, in February, newspapers reported that the buildings of the Bombay High Court, the Gateway of India along with the famous Taj Mahal Hotel were up for sale.  Apparently, two metropolitan magistrates and a notary in Mumbai signed affidavits “authorising the ownership” and “enabling their sale” by “Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi” and “Khan Abdul Gafar Khan”!   Back in 1994, a print journalis

Physician, Heal Thy Self!

The proposed National Judicial Commission (NJC) and amendments to contempt law raised serious debate on judicial accountability.

Little Things Which Can Make a Big Difference

A poor, migrant watchman’s family lives in a hut in my neighbourhood. One morning when walking along the road, a pet dog from a posh home rushed out and attacked him. It was several long minutes before the terrified watchman could free himself - but not before his right arm was severely bitten from wrist to shoulder. There were gaping wounds and severe bleeding, and almost half the skin on the arm was hanging loose. The petrified man returned home with difficulty – drenched in blood and perspiration.

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