Access to Speedy Justice - Local Courts

Access to Speedy Justice - Local Courts - 14th Nov, 2003, Hyd

Judicial Reforms

Judicial Reforms - 25 June, 2005

Rule of Law and Current Discontents

The failure of prosecution in a spate of cases in recent times once again focused public attention on our justice system. Distinguished jurists as well as political leaders and commentators are lamenting the near-collapse of rule of law, resulting from failure of justice system – civil and criminal.

Time for an All-India Judicial Service

Rule of law is the essence of modern civilization and democratic governance. Delayed justice, poor appreciation of evidence, and incapacity to apply constitutional and legal principles to real-life situations play havoc with people’s lives. In particular, the economic life of a society revolves round contractual obligations, enforcement of rights, conformity with various laws protecting the environment and citizens, and fair, impartial and effective application of various tax and other laws. Failure of justice extracts a heavy toll from the society and economy.

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