This E-Knowledge Center for Liberal Reforms is expected to serve as reference hub on governance and public policy issues. The portal is expected to provide the academicians and the student community and also the wider audience, the key issues of the governance through presentations, advocacy papers, knowledge articles, books and other knowledge resources deployed in the advocacy programmes. It is designed to be a universally accessible virtual platform that can be searched and is retrievable for dissemination, sharing and debates on ideas on governance issues that will shape the policy making of the new breed of leaders and reformers in the country.


Vast literature on governance reforms made accessible in the digital format

Research Papers

Papers and documents from practitioners of public policy giving perspectives


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Creative Visualisation of Policy Issues - Simplifying the complex


Huge collection of articles of Dr.JP published in reputed news papers ...


A collection of presentations to easily understand issues related to democracy, governance and reforms in India.


Suggestions/Views/Representations given to the various advocacy forums


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News Gallery

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