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GRAFT AT KARNATAKA LOKAYUKTA : There is no question that Karnataka Lokayukta is a fit case for removal of the Ombudsman, in addition to criminal pro

The serious, credible charges made against Karnataka Lokayukta, Justice Y Bhaskara Rao, the public demand for his resignation, the investigation of SIT so far, and the State government’s proposal to amend the provisions of law relating to removal of Lokayukta raise several important questions regarding anti-corruption institutional framework and accountability.

Justice, Rights and Poverty


The history of the past century taught us that individual initiative, free enterprise, and fair competition are the best guarantors of wealth-creation. However, markets alone cannot promote growth unless the state creates conditions for stability and harmony, and ensures creation of public goods and the necessary infrastructure.  Infrastructure at least is talked about, but harmony is ignored.

Criminalization of Politics - Cause or Consequence?

dir="ltr">With the political temperature rising in the country, the recent DP Yadav episode once again focused attention on criminalization of politics.  Why do parties admit and nominate criminals as candidates? Clearly, they perceive that the winning chances are enhanced by nominating them. The parties have not taken a vow to destroy India. They are only prepared to do whatever it takes to win the elections and once victorious, to retain power.

Little Things Which Can Make a Big Difference

A poor, migrant watchman’s family lives in a hut in my neighbourhood. One morning when walking along the road, a pet dog from a posh home rushed out and attacked him. It was several long minutes before the terrified watchman could free himself - but not before his right arm was severely bitten from wrist to shoulder. There were gaping wounds and severe bleeding, and almost half the skin on the arm was hanging loose. The petrified man returned home with difficulty – drenched in blood and perspiration.

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