Time for an All-India Judicial Service

Rule of law is the essence of modern civilization and democratic governance. Delayed justice, poor appreciation of evidence, and incapacity to apply constitutional and legal principles to real-life situations play havoc with people’s lives. In particular, the economic life of a society revolves round contractual obligations, enforcement of rights, conformity with various laws protecting the environment and citizens, and fair, impartial and effective application of various tax and other laws. Failure of justice extracts a heavy toll from the society and economy.

Parliament and Supreme Court Must Act

dir="ltr">The recent sting operation in Gujarat by Zee TV network exposing corruption in subordinate judiciary has come not a day too soon. For long many knew of corruption in the most hallowed of our institutions, the judiciary, and many more suspected. Chief Justice Bharuchha had the courage to talk about it openly during his tenure. But nothing much was done about it. And many concerned citizens maintained a discreet silence for fear of undermining the credibility and independence of the one organ of state which is the sentinel of our liberties.

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