National Debate for Reforms in Reservation

A New Edifice for Reservations Scheme

A new edifice for reservations

Are we a sinful nation?

I do not know if there is God; but I do believe that there is sin. The greatest of all sins is unfulfilled potential. If a child, endowed by nature or God with innate abilities, is not given the opportunity to rise to her full potential because society failed to nurture those abilities through education, it is an unbearable sin. By this yardstick, India today ranks as a most sinful nation.

Freedom - for Whom?


Soon we celebrate one more republic day. Instead of the usual symbolic flag hoisting and traditional invocation to Ghandiji, can we take a few concrete steps and make some sincere attempts to realize his dreams? Ever since independence, every leader of our country has been paying lip service to Gandhiji’s concept of Gram Swaraj. But this continues to remain only an ideal with decentralization of power and local government empowerment turning out to be a mere mirage.

More Doctors Don’t Mean Better Health

A few days ago, the government of AP declared their goal of starting 40 medical colleges in the state. Certainly society does need more and better health personnel. But mere increase in doctors’ strength does not help.

The Art of Conversation


A friend once advised my wife: ‘never choose an end seat at a party. If the lady next to you doesn’t talk, you are finished. At least if you are between two people, your chances for a successful conversation are improved’. She wasn’t assuring an interesting conversation, just some conversation.

Global Change and Deep Slumber

Recently, I had an opportunity to spend some time in Kenya as a member of the commonwealth group of election observers deputed to oversee the national general elections. Even though I had taken on this assignment rather reluctantly, I am really glad that I did, as it has opened an entirely new world and shattered the many unflattering myths we harbor about Africa. Nothing that we learnt as kids about Africa prepared me for the breathtaking beauty of Kenya and the grace and dignity of the people.

Will the FM Grab the Opportunity?

Probably no Finance Minister had it so good as Mr. Chidambaram now.  Our growth in robust and confidence is high.  The government is stable, and most free market policies are accepted across the political spectrum.  The FM may not be able to repeat the ‘dream budget’ of a decade ago, when direct taxes were reduced dramatically and the process of liberalization was given a fresh impetus.  But he can reshape the future with next week’s budget.

Employment, Poverty and Productivity

The impact of economic liberalization on poverty levels in the country has been vigorously debated by economists and politicians over the years. The data seems inconclusive, and scholars often seem to arrive at conclusions suspiciously close to their own ideological proclivities. The broad consensus appears to be that poverty is declining; it is difficult to conclude that all the decline in poverty is attributable to liberalization and rapid growth; and the decline in poverty is less than what the free market enthusiasts hoped.

IIMs can do with less govt ‘parenting’

Parenting young adults should rank as one of the most difficult jobs in the world.  The parents are obviously concerned about the welfare of their children. So they typically feel the need for more parenting. But, their children want even less.  To paraphrase the famous ‘Coffee Bite’ TV ad: the argument continues…

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