Change of Players vs Rules of The Game

align="left">This month marks the thirtieth anniversary of the most defining event of our republic’s history – the imposition of ‘emergency’ during the midnight of June 25-26, 1975.  Thirty years is a long enough period to enable us to take a dispassionate, objective view of the tumultuous events of that period.


One of the great challenges facing our republic is the increasing regional disparities. It is well recognized that the South and the West are the engines of growth, along with the region in and around Delhi. The North and the East, with the exception of West Bengal are in dire straits, though considerable potential exists in the fertile Gangetic plains.

The Bihar Verdict – A Cry for a New Beginning

The outcome of the Bihar elections is stunning in its scope as well as in its nature. Once again, the illiterate, long-suffering people rose above caste and religion in search of a better future, and proved the psephologists and pundits wrong. This capacity to transcend narrow loyalties and express the collective will with calm grandeur has been the saving grace of our otherwise flawed democracy. This happened in 1971, when people were fired by hope; in 1977, when they were outraged by the fetters imposed on liberties; and several times thereafter all over the country.

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