Crisis in Urban Co-operative Banks

Series of scandals have engulfed the urban co-operative banks in the state. Thousands of small depositors, lured by the comparatively higher interest rates offered by some of these banks, lost their life savings and not know who to turn to.

Organized Thrift – A Way Out of the Debt Trap

“Live only in a village that has a money lender, a physician and a perennial river …” is the ancient wisdom of Sumati Sataka. Ever since money replaced barter economy, money lending at a fair rate has become the essence of modern life. Everyone needs to borrow to tide over a contingency or to invest in a venture.

All Play and No Work?


We just have too many holidays. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a workaholic reformer who shuns fun and frolic and wishes to scrap the few fun and festival holidays we enjoy. Its just that because of State government, Central Government, Bank, and other myriad holidays there is too much disruption in the work routine. Then if you throw in a Congress, BJP, or TDP Bandh, a VIP death, a bank strike, the result is chaos. Not to forget the Election holidays. I am not exaggerating. Take the last 10 days of March for instance. On Saturdays banks work only half days and cheques are not cleared.

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