Civil Society and Governance

Civil Society and Governance - ASCI, Hyderabad - 26th Sept2005

Deepening Democracy-Agenda for Action

Deepening Democracy Agenda for Action (FNSt partners meet-Sept 2003)


Presentation made to CEOs of IT Industry, Hyderabad, 10th, April, 2003

Consumer vs Citizen

Presentation to Manubhai Shah (Consumer Group) 27Jan, 03

Consumer vs Citizen

Presentation to Consumer Groups 27th Jan, 03


Presentation to IDEA - 11mar2003


Presentaton made on 4-1-2003 to Anil Sadgopal

Removing Roadblocks to Growth

Removing Roadblocks to Growth - BCCI Founders Day - 22Sept,03

Strategies on Corruption

Strategies on Curruption FNSt meeting, 23March2k1


SSF-Phase II Partners Meet - Bangalore 10th April,2003

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