Title Date of Publication Published in Related to
Property and Propriety; Policy and Prosperity August 28, 2004 The Times of India Agriculture
Reform Public Administration – A “Common Will” September 4, 2004 The Times of India Education
Election Fervour or Fever? September 11, 2004 The Times of India Electoral reforms
Inadequate Women’s Representation? A win-win Solution… September 18, 2004 The Times of India Electoral reforms
From BIMARU to Beti Maro September 25, 2004 The Times of India Women issues
Voter Registration – Flaws and Remedies April 22, 2004 The Times of India Electoral reforms
Vertical Silos and Governance Deficit April 27, 2007 FinancialExpress Others
Market for Public Office July 21, 2005 FinancialExpress Political reforms
Citizen, Wealth and Society March 22, 2007 FinancialExpress
Will the FM Grab the Opportunity? July 17, 2007 FinancialExpress Economic reforms
SEZs and Stakes for All January 24, 2007 FinancialExpress Economic reforms
Is National Health Insurance Viable in India? December 29, 2006 FinancialExpress Healthcare
Real Estate, Black Economy and Equity November 3, 2006 FinancialExpress Economic reforms
Challenges in Agriculture October 6, 2006 FinancialExpress Agriculture
Employment, Poverty and Productivity September 1, 2006 FinancialExpress Economic reforms
Millions on the Margins July 28, 2006 FinancialExpress Others
Growth with Security January 31, 2007 FinancialExpress Others
Short Term Political Price vs Long Term Public Good June 30, 2006 FinancialExpress Economic reforms
Growth and Delivery of Services June 16, 2006 FinancialExpress Economic reforms
Good Intentions and the Way to Hell June 2, 2006 FinancialExpress Agriculture
Corruption – Risks and Rewards May 19, 2006 FinancialExpress Others
Crossing the Rubicon – Tamil Nadu Style May 5, 2006 FinancialExpress Political reforms
Combining Equity with Efficiency April 21, 2006 FinancialExpress Education
Rule of Law and Current Discontents April 7, 2006 FinancialExpress Judicial reforms
Energy Security – Time for Plan B? March 24, 2006 FinancialExpress Others
Competition, Choice and Higher Education March 10, 2006 FinancialExpress Education
Growing Agrarian Crisis February 24, 2006 FinancialExpress Agriculture
One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward! February 10, 2006 FinancialExpress Agriculture
Outcomes in School Education – Testing Boards January 27, 2006 FinancialExpress Education
Wrong Diagnosis; Inadequate Treatment December 23, 2005 FinancialExpress Electoral reforms
Politics of Arbitrage December 16, 2005 FinancialExpress Others
Primordial Loyalties Vs Politics of Individuation December 2, 2005 FinancialExpress Political reforms
Perils of Autocentricity November 4, 2005 FinancialExpress Industrialisation and Urbanisation
Urban Chaos and Cultivated Status quoism October 21, 2005 FinancialExpress Industrialisation and Urbanisation
Bio-fuels – The Wave of the Future September 23, 2005 FinancialExpress Industrialisation and Urbanisation
Change of Players vs Rules of The Game June 17, 2005 FinancialExpress Governance
Quick Fixes or Reinvention of Government? May 6, 2005 FinancialExpress Governance
Time for an All-India Judicial Service April 22, 2005 FinancialExpress Judicial reforms
Unorganized Sector – Intentions vs Outcomes April 8, 2005 FinancialExpress Others
Incentives in Politics and Politician – Bashing March 25, 2005 FinancialExpress Political reforms
Fiscal Devolution – Thinking Outside the Box February 11, 2005 FinancialExpress Economic reforms
Constitution and Challenges of Federalism January 28, 2005 FinancialExpress Constitution
Justice, Rights and Poverty December 31, 2004 FinancialExpress Judicial reforms
Towards a National Health Service December 17, 2004 FinancialExpress Healthcare
Can We Improve Delivery? September 9, 2005 FinancialExpress Governance
Corruption and Economic Reform July 15, 2005 FinancialExpress Corruption
WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT BIHAR? July 1, 2005 FinancialExpress Governance
Faster Growth at Low-cost – Is It Feasible? June 3, 2005 FinancialExpress Economic reforms
Oil Security or Energy Security? May 20, 2005 FinancialExpress Industrialisation and Urbanisation
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